Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax planning and compliance is the primary focus of our firm. We specialize in the accurate preparation of complex tax returns that are the culmination of careful planning throughout the year. Our goal is to help you manage and minimize your tax liability.

Income tax planning and return preparation

The proper preparation of individual and business income tax returns requires an understanding of the current circumstances as well as the future objectives of the client. Accordingly, we take the time to communicate with our clients regularly, not just when filing deadlines approach. This allows us to have a “big picture” view with regard to tax planning and helps ensure that there will not be any surprises when the tax returns are prepared.

Whether you are a real estate developer, a venture capitalist or a small business owner, we can analyze your situation and determine the best course of action for today and the best plan for tomorrow.

Multi-state tax compliance

Individuals and businesses operating in more than one state face ever-increasing responsibilities when it comes to determining where tax returns need to be filed and, more importantly, the proper amount of income that should be reported on those returns. Such compliance has become more complicated than ever with the increase of remote work situations and the advent of new nexus laws and passthrough entity tax laws that continue to evolve. We have experience with filing tax returns in every US state that requires them and can help you navigate the complex compliance requirements.

Like-Kind / Section 1031 Exchanges

Successfully deferring the taxable gain on the sale of real estate via the use of a §1031 Exchange can be a challenging process. We have extensive experience with such exchanges, including both multi-property and multi-state exchanges, and can provide guidance during their planning and execution to help you avoid common mistakes that trigger unwanted taxation.

Not-For-Profit Planning & Consulting

Nonprofit organizations are unique entities that require strict compliance with a myriad of laws and regulations.  We are well-versed in the rules and can help you avoid the pitfalls that can result in the loss of tax-exempt status.  We can assist with the filing of the federal and state exemption applications for your organization as well as the annual reporting requirements to ensure that no detail is overlooked.  Our experience includes working with several large San Diego foundations that have donated millions of dollars to our community.

Federal and state audit representation

Tax return audits can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are unaccustomed to interacting with the taxing authorities. Seemingly innocuous responses to questions posed by an examining agent can raise new issues, open additional years to examination, or provide the agent with ammunition for a tax assessment. Effective audit representation requires a thorough knowledge of the applicable tax law as well as experience in communicating with auditors. We have that expertise and experience. We can evaluate your particular situation and advise you on the merits of your position. If it is in your best interest to enter into settlement negotiations, we can guide you through this process and assist you in developing a reasonable offer.

Foreign financial reporting

There has never been greater scrutiny of international transactions, investments, and income by the taxing authorities. The IRS continues to expand existing foreign reporting forms and develop new forms. Penalties for noncompliance with the reporting requirements are onerous. Reporting is required for most foreign banking and investment activities. We are familiar with the current requirements and keep up to date on new developments so that we can effectively assist you in avoiding or minimizing potential penalties.

Divorce consulting

Divorce proceedings are a difficult experience and it is important to be properly advised during such an emotional time in order to avoid adverse tax consequences. We work directly with your divorce attorney to ensure that the current and future tax consequences of a proposed settlement are taken into account.